Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to commonly asked questions about the application and fellowship program. If you don’t find an answer to your question below, please don’t hesitate to reach out to one of our staff members at 469.750.3855 or  


General Questions

Who can apply for the Fellowship?

Applications are open to students currently enrolled in undergraduate studies, including graduating seniors. While the majority of our students are undergraduates, the content of the program is definitely valuable to any young adult with the desire to influence culture as a Catholic leader. Masters/Graduate students that wish to apply will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis, to mutually determine if the Fellowship would be a good fit.

What does the cost of the Fellowship include?

Fellowship Cost:

  • $5450 – cost for those who apply by the early application deadline on December 1st, 2021.
  • $5950 – cost for those who apply by the general application deadline on March 1st, 2022.

This expense includes the following:

  • Hotel lodging (29 nights, full board)
  • Academic module (inscription/accreditation, conference fee)
  • Leadership module (workshop materials, MBTI® assessment, coaching)
  • Cultural outings (transportation) and Rome trip (includes flight Germany – Italy)
  • Miscellaneous (administration, insurance, materials, etc.)

*Students are responsible for travel to Dusseldorf and from Rome.

Click here for a list of fundraising tips and ideas.

What academic credits are earned? How are credits transferred back to my university?

The Catholic Worldview Fellowship is accredited by the Pontifical University Regina Apostolorum in Rome, Italy. The fellowship curriculum offers 6 European credits, which generally translates to 3 U.S. credits. 

The course is a unique approach to history, philosophy, leadership, and theology, centered on understanding and developing a Catholic worldview. In the past, students have received credit to cover required or elective courses in any one of the following subject areas: history, philosophy, theology, ethics, and humanities. To determine what your study abroad credits will count for, we recommend talking to your study abroad office or department chair. After it is finalized in the coming months, our syllabus will be available on our website. 

Once students are accepted for the fellowship, they will receive a link to complete the online registration process for the Regina Apostolorum. Following the completion of the course, students can request a copy of their course transcript to be sent directly to their university.

If you have any further questions regarding the curriculum, please email

What does a typical day look like on the Fellowship?

The daily schedule revolves around the four main pillars of the fellowship – Academic, Leadership, Cultural, and Spiritual. The first three weeks of the program take place at Schloss Wissen in Germany, while the final week of the program is spent in Rome, Italy.

Daily activities in Germany include:

  • Daily mass and morning/night prayer with Eucharistic adoration
  • Classroom time, workshops, time for personal study, group activities
  • Free time, fellowship time, small group time
  • Opportunities for spiritual direction and one-on-one coaching sessions

On outing days, there are group trips to churches and cultural sites around Germany.

Daily activities in Italy:

The final week of the program is filled with outings to major basilicas, sites, and landmarks around Rome. During this time, students will also prepare for and deliver their final project.

Does CWF offer scholarships or financial aid?

While there are not currently scholarships offered through the Catholic Worldview Fellowship, many universities offer scholarships for third-party programs through their study abroad offices or other organizations on campus. We recommend that you speak with a study abroad advisor, as they generally have additional scholarship resources. If financial considerations are preventing you from attending the fellowship, please reach out to one of our staff members at or by phone at (469) 750-3855.

How do students fundraise for the program?

Many students fundraise for CWF by sending out personal letters to family and friends while others opt to set up a GoFundMe page, much like fundraising for a mission trip. Additionally, applying by the early application deadline will save you $500. A full list of fundraising ideas can be found here.

When fundraising, we recommend sharing what you are most excited about and what you plan to gain from your experience on the fellowship. Many people are willing to donate when fellows describe how they plan to share the benefits of their formation with others. If you have additional questions, one of our staff members can provide guidance on how to develop a fundraising plan.

What if I need to work or get an internship this summer?

Our staff is cognizant that summer can still be a busy time for college students. The Fellowship takes place during the month of July each year, which allows students to enroll in a Maymester or short Summer I class. Additionally, many students work or participate in a half-summer internship before attending the fellowship. Finally, this program timeframe intentionally allows student athletes ample time to report to their campuses before the start of the fall semester.

Application Questions

When are applications due?

The Early Application Deadline is December 1st, 2021. Students that apply by this date receive priority consideration and are eligible to save $500 towards the program cost.

The General Application Deadline is March 1st, 2022.

What do I need to complete the application?

Things You’ll Need:

  • A Headshot / Photo of Yourself
  • Scanned Image of Your Passport (If you do not currently have a passport, there is an option to submit a picture later)
  • Current Resume

Other Requirements:

  • 3 Essay Prompts (300 words or less)
  • 2 References (They’ll fill out an online form with three simple free response questions)
  • A short Introduction Video through YouTube or Vimeo

After we receive your application and your references, we’ll follow up with you to schedule a time for an interview.

Who should I choose as my references?

Your references should be people who have insight into your strengths and talents and can attest to your desire to be a Catholic leader. In the past, examples of references that students have chosen include teachers, professors, chaplains, parish priests, youth ministers, campus ministers, employers, family friends, coaches, and organizational leaders.

What information should I include in my introduction video?

The introduction video is a fun, simple way to introduce yourself. Feel free to share about your family, major, interests, why you chose to apply, what interests you about the program, or anything else you’d like us to consider as part of your application.

What should I do if I don’t have a passport?

Students who are accepted to attend the Catholic Worldview Fellowship will need a passport that is valid for at least 6 months after the day of your return (i.e through the end of the following January). If you don’t currently have a passport, there is an option to upload an image of your passport later. If your passport is expired or will expire before the deadline, you should start the renewal process as soon as possible.

What is the purpose of the interview?

The interview allows the fellowship staff to get to know you better and identify whether the fellowship would be a good fit. It also allows you to meet some of our team and ask any questions you may have about the program. It is an enjoyable part of the application process and we love getting to know the students that apply!

How do I schedule an interview?

As part of the application process, you’ll list the days and times that you would be available to have an interview. After you submit your application, a staff member will reach out to you to confirm an interview date and time.

How many students are accepted to go on the fellowship program?

The Fellowship currently accepts up to 36 students to attend each summer. This number allows us to retain a high staff to student ratio and promote the development of a tight-knit fellowship community.

When can I expect to hear if I have been accepted?

Interviews generally take place from late December/early January through March. Students are accepted on a rolling basis and can expect to hear back regarding the results of their application within a month of their interview.

If I am accepted, what are the deposit and payment deadlines?

Due to the rolling acceptance process, deposits are due 30 days from acceptance in order for fellows to hold their spot as we continue to accept students. The final payment is due in late May.