Our Mission

“The Catholic Worldview Fellowship forms, networks and empowers talented college students to evangelize culture through an experience of the Catholic Worldview.”


The great Catholic thinker Romano Guardini (1885-1968) described the Catholic Worldview as “the view of the world which the faith enables in us”. In other words, the Catholic Worldview means to contemplate reality from the standpoint of faith. It has the potential to lead persons to their true fulfillment and to transform culture by impregnating it with values, inspiration and truth. To change culture takes true leaders; to evangelize culture takes apostles.

College is the time when students – among them tomorrow’s leaders in society – ask existential questions, look for inspiration, seek mentors and make life decisions. It is an urgent task of the Church to respond to this need. It is a responsibility of all Catholics to support those students who want to employ their talents to evangelize culture. ”And to one he gave five talents, to another two, and to another one; to every man according to his ability. … And he that had received five talents came and brought another five talents, saying, Lord, you gave me five talents: behold, I have gained another five” (Mt. 25, 15.20).

By forming, networking and empowering talented students who want to evangelize culture, the Catholic Worldview Fellowship seeks to contribute to the Church’s effort to evangelize and spread the Gospel in society. “Be servants of communion and of the culture of encounter! I would like you to be almost obsessed about this. Be so without being presumptuous, imposing “our truths,” but rather be guided by the humble yet joyful certainty of those who have been found, touched and transformed by the Truth who is Christ, ever to be proclaimed” (Pope Francis, July 27, 2013).

Year after year, it is our hope that graduates of the Catholic Worldview Fellowship will go back to their cities, parishes and campuses empowered by this transformative experience of looking at history, the world and their own life in light of the Catholic Worldview.